“We inspire, entertain, persuade and motivate targeted audiences through visual storytelling.”
“We have our thumbprint on the pulse of an ever changing media landscape, which results in meaningful placements in both regional and national print, online, radio and television.”
“The common thread in our work is a keen desire to converge ideas, engage audiences and deliver powerful results.”
“We pride ourselves on the aggregation of key consumer intelligence and the execution of insightful brand objectives.”
Why Should You Ask April Love?

Welcome, to Ask April Love!

Ask April Love Public Relations is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We are an aggressive, full-service communications firm with core competencies in all aspects of public relations. We deal with everything from media relations to corporate communications, social media, consumer goods, celebrity procurement and event production.

In today’s fast-paced media world, it takes experience, innovation and strategic thinking to deliver an effective message to the masses. We have valuable relationships with key influencer, high-profile individuals, consumer brands, entertainment executives and government agencies. We are your go-to company for all your public relations needs. Ask April Love was formed in 2007 by veteran event producer and public relations maven, April Love. Check out her bio here!